5 Favorite: Braided Hairstyles

June 27, 2013

We've been in Phoenix for a week and a half and it is HOT! It's a dry heat here, so frizz is not the issue, but keeping my long hair out of my face and off my neck is as crucial as keeping iced water within a five second reach. I've figured out that some sort of braid seems to be the best bet for not looking like a literal hot mess. Here are five braided styles that I'm feeling right now; I'm not the best at French braiding and I can't do corn rows so I'm hoping to pull off at least one of these at some point this summer.

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  1. i'm so terrible with hand eye coordination, I'm about to ask my boyfriend to braid these!

    1. Same! My braids always end up winding to one side of my head...


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