Friday Favorites

February 24, 2017

Despite battling (and seemingly losing to) some sort of nasty cold/flu thing, I managed to get through this week with a smile on my face. Mostly. But more importantly, I somehow managed to avoid passing it along to the rest of my family. This weekend is my niece's 6th birthday party and my girls couldn't be more excited. There's going to be a backyard movie with lots of friends and family, and of course treats, so there's a lot to be excited about. And since it's the first Sunday this month that we haven't had plans, I'll get to rest, which I couldn't be more excited about.  Have a wonderful weekend, and God bless!

Super pretty marshmallows that are also super easy to make. 

Custo Barcelona booties that are just unreal

These floors

The cutest fall coat from Orla Kiely

More Last Minute Ideas for an Epic Oscars Party

February 23, 2017

Maybe you've been wanting to host an Oscar viewing party but don't know where to start, or perhaps you weren't even considering throwing a party because you don't think you have time. Either way, I've got you covered with last minute ideas for hosting a fabulous Oscar party that will come together in no time. 

Offer Guests a Popcorn Bar
Movies and popcorn go hand in hand, so pop up some kernels (I've got the perfect recipe) and set up a bar with a variety of sweet and savory toppings and seasonings for guests to make custom blends. Here are some popcorn situations that might inspire you. 

Set Up Movie Theater Concessions
Candy is popcorn's other BFF. Arrange candies on a tray or table to look like the candy case at the movies--think M'n'Ms, Red Vines, Goobers, and anything else you would find at the movie theater.
Add Sparkle to Your Treats
Glam up store-bought treats, like frosted cupcakes, macarons, or brownie bites, by sprinkling edible gold glitter over them. 

Whip Up a DIY Red Carpet
Pick up a few red plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and lay them end to end to create a red carpet for your guests' arrival. 

Decorate with Stars
Use any cardboard you have on hand, from cereal boxes to shoe boxes, to cut out stars, then cover them with glue, then glitter. You can toss them on tables, tape them up on the walls, even place them randomly on the floor.
Create a Sea of Balloons
Blow up a ton of black and gold (or whatever colors go with your Oscar party theme) balloons and toss them all around the house. Let them land where they may, as long as it's not near an open flame. 

Make a Movie Theater Curtain
Drape red plastic tablecloths on either side of the TV and tie back with a ribbon for a movie theater curtain effect on you small screen. 

Want more last minute Oscar party ideas? Get them here

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Wordsmith Wednesday: Fractious

February 22, 2017

Here's where I share my favorite words with you. Because savvy girls have impressive vocabularies.

Friday Favorites

February 17, 2017

There are few things worse than when my littles aren't feeling well. Long lines at Target, traffic, dental appointments--none of them compare to the helpless feeling of when my bitties are under the weather. And this week was a doozy, which is why there were so few posts (apologies for that, and for actually writing the word "doozy"). But I'm a real woman with a real life, and when my family needs me I have to shut everything else down. I'm happy to report that both girls are feeling better, however, I had a flu shot earlier this week, so now it's my turn to feel crummy. We've got a jam-packed weekend ahead of us, so I'm resting up today, enjoying the sound of the rain and allowing myself to just chill for a change. Have an amazing weekend, and God bless!

Palm trees against a positively electric sunset. The colors are to die for!

The perfect pink skirt.

A DIY fur bench that I'm thinking of making for my closet. 

Lemon crumble breakfast cake that I promise I will be making soon.

A simple print I'd love to put in my daughters' room. My big girl told me her squad at school call themselves 'Girl Power,' and I couldn't be more proud!
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