Friday Favorites

April 24, 2015

April has drawn to a close rather quickly and I find myself wanting to dig in my heels to slow down time a little (mostly because my sweet girl will be graduating kindergarten in less than two months and I am so not ready), while simultaneously speeding things up to get to all the fun we have planned this summer. What I'm learning, though, is that I can do neither, so I need to relax and enjoy the moment (I'm a work in progress). This week I enjoyed a fro-yo date with my favorite five-year old, lots of snuggles with my baby, and the loudest thunder storm I've ever heard, which resulted in lots of snuggles from both girls. It was a great week! Have a fun and safe weekend. God bless!

This La Regale Pineapple Cork Miniaudiere.

A Bird Ballet. This video is absolutely incredible. 

A new brunch dish I want to try out.  

This beautiful garden party.

A fabulous bathtub

DIY Gifts for Mom

April 23, 2015

The days of construction paper cards and macaroni necklaces as gifts are long behind me, but as Mother's Day approaches and I look forward to a beautiful homemade card from my own little girl, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and longing to give my mom something handmade. I haven't landed on an idea yet, but I'm drawing inspiration from these cute and colorful DIYs.

Since I love to bake, these edible flower donuts might be perfect. Plus they're ridiculously pretty!
Painted tin can vases to house her Mother's Day bouquets. 
Homemade teas to help her relax after a long day.
Mini Mother's Day trophies aren't necessarily practical, but they're a lot of fun.
A printable questionnaire that I suspect will induce tears. 
The cutest, colorful wooden utensils to brighten up her kitchen. 
My mom has a thing for lavender so I know she would love these lavender lemon soaps.
A giant cinnamon roll cake for an epic brunch.
A cute mug to make mom's morning cup a little sweeter. 

DIY Bathtub Paint

April 22, 2015

Bath time with my little girls is one of my favorite parts of the day. It's the start of our winding down process, which means we're one step closer to bedtime for all of us, but even more than that, I love seeing their little faces as they splash around. Their squeals and giggles as we pop bubbles and sing silly songs simply melts my heart, and my baby (now 20 months) has started to pretend that she's swimming and it's the most adorable thing you could ever want to see. To make their time in the tub even more fun, I recently made some bathtub paint for a little pre-bath art session; they loved getting all messy with the paint, then cleaning up in a warm bubble bath. And the paint couldn't have been easier to make; I  just stirred a few drops of food coloring into shaving cream (my food coloring was plant-based, which is why it's not so bright).  The girls had a blast, and I now have a less expensive alternative to store-bought bath crayons.

5 Earth Day Play Date Ideas

April 21, 2015

Tomorrow is April 22, Earth Day. Celebrate Mother Earth with your little ones and teach them the importance of appreciating and nurturing our beautiful planet with these fun ideas for an Earth Day play date.  

Recycled Goods Crafts
Set up a craft station with old newspapers and magazines, empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, and any other recyclable you have lying around, toss in some glitter, glue, markers, string, and safety scissors, and let little ones use their imaginations to create works of art.

Mason Jar Terrariums
Pick up mason jars (or any open top container) from the grocery or craft store and make terrariums. Here's a great how-to video that shows the simple steps. 

Connect With Nature
Go on a hike, walk through a botanical garden, visit a body of water...there is so much Earth to explore and appreciate. Take notepads and pencils to jot down the the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. 

DIY Reusable Bags
Pull out your craft supplies and get to work on a plain, canvas tote bag (you can usually find one at craft or fabric stores).

Earth Day Cookies
And since it's easy to work up an appetite while being kind to the earth, finish your day with the Earth Day cookies pictured above. 
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