Friday Favorites

December 19, 2014

It's the weekend before Christmas and needless to say, there is much to be done. But a laundry list of to-dos isn't going to stop me from seeing Annie this weekend; my five-year old has been looking forward to it since she first saw a preview for it at the beginning of the year. And since both of my little darlings are feeling better, I'm thinking a trip to Candy Cane Lane for some holiday lights is in order. I just love the really is the most wonderful time of the year! Have a safe weekend, and God bless!

A printable placemat for Santa's cookies and milk that I know my little girls will love coloring. 

Why 2014 was the year of the funny woman.

Fancy pants.

Macarons in the prettiest colors. 

This gorgeous bedroom.

Fun Holiday Playlist

December 18, 2014

I simply adore Christmas music and started listening to it some time before Thanksgiving. Since I've still got plenty of gifts to wrap and cookies to bake, and less than a week to do it in, I put together a holiday playlist to jam to while I scurry to get it all done. My trusty sidekicks (i.e. my sweet little girls) will probably want to assist, so it's an upbeat mix of classics and new holiday hits that will allow for frequent dance breaks. I've no doubt we'll be listening to this playlist well after December 25. Hit play, and have a happy holiday!

What are your favorite holiday songs? Is there anything I should add to this playlist?

Must Have: Morgan Taylor Holiday 2014 Collection

December 17, 2014

Midnight Rendezvous 

I'm usually all about a super glitzy manicure for the holidays, but somehow I'm drawn to this shade--it's dark and dramatic, with just a subtle hint of pretty sparkle. Apropos of the inky color and star-like glints of light, it's called Midnight Rendezvous and it's perfect for a chic New Year's Eve look. I'm also really into the rest of the adorably-named Morgan Taylor Holiday 2014 collection; see below. 

Snow Place Like Home  

Just For The Occasion 

Snuggle By The Fire 

New Year  New Blue
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