Get Gorgeous with Oatmeal

January 17, 2017

Besides being a breakfast food staple, oatmeal has long been an essential ingredient in beauty and skincare products. That's because it tackles a number of skin issues, from sensitive and itchy to oily and acne-prone, and is even mild enough for baby's tender skin. Oats are packed with protein, folic acid, vitamin E, thiamin, and an abundance of other nutrients, which means they're good for you, inside and out. Here are ten DIY recipes to help you maximize the beauty benefits of this tiny grain.

1. Make an acne-fighting face mask by grinding one tablespoon of oatmeal in a food processor or blender, then adding one tablespoon of plain yogurt and a teaspoon of honey.

2. If you've got sensitive skin, mix one tablespoon ground oats with a tablespoon of milk and two tablespoons of honey; apply to your face leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. 
3. Relax in an oatmeal bath to restore moisture and relieve itchy skin. Simply grind one cup of oats into a fine powder and add to your bath water.
4. Mix a cup of finely ground oats with ½ cup each of coconut and grapeseed oil, along with the contents of two chamomile tea bags for an exfoliating and hydrating body scrub.
5. Make a pre-shampoo oatmeal hair mask for soft, shiny tresses. Pulse ½ cup oats in a food processor until fine, then mix with two tablespoons of almond or sesame oil and ¼ cup milk; apply to hair and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing.
6. Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal with three tablespoons of warm water for a gentle yet effective face scrub.
7. Combine ½ cup cooked and cooled oatmeal with one tablespoon of olive oil, an egg white, and a few drops of lemon juice for a brightening face mask. 
8. Whip up a yummy face scrub with one tablespoon each of finely ground oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, and jojoba or grapeseed oil. 
9. Soothe sunburned skin with an oatmeal and aloe bath. Heat two tablespoons of honey in the microwave, then mix in a cup of ground oats, three tablespoons of aloe vera (fresh is best, but gel works great too), and four tablespoons of milk powder. Add the mixture to a lukewarm bath and soak. 
10. Use oat milk as natural toner after you've cleansed your face. To make it yourself, put one cup of rolled oats and three cups of water in a blender and blend on high until smooth,  use a cheese cloth to strain into a glass bottle, and refrigerate. 

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Friday Favorites

January 13, 2017

It's been cold, rainy, and wet for the past few days, and I've been tempted to jump back under the covers every morning as I make my bed. I love this kind of weather (and Lord knows we needed it here in California); it's perfect for snuggling up with a cup of cocoa and a good book. This weekend marks the first time since the holidays that we don't have any plans, so I'm hoping to do some writing and baking to relax. And even though the rain has subsided until next week, it is supposed to be cloudy on Sunday, so I might just spend a little extra time under the covers. Have yourself a fabulous weekend, and God bless! 

Chocolate chip cookie cones--possibly the most brilliant vessel for ice cream ever.

Costa Rica.

This ladylike look

True story from Tom Ford

Tulips in the prettiest shade of pale pink. 

Wordsmith Wednesday: Paramount

January 11, 2017

Here's where I share my favorite words with you. Because savvy girls have impressive vocabularies.

5 Colorful Instagram Accounts That Spark Creativity

January 10, 2017

Working from home has its benefits, but just as working in an office or sitting in a cubicle can become banal, there are times when sitting at home, staring at the same walls can be less than inspiring. Some days, I can take a walk, flip through a magazine, or read a few pages from a book to spark creativity and cure boredom when I've got writer's block; other days,  I like to get lost on the 'gram. These colorful and cute Instagram accounts are five of my favorites.

Her obsession with unicorns, Disneyland, and pretty desserts (she's even put pastel sprinkles on her cereal, which is totally genius!) rivals my own, and Amina Mucciolo's colorful style can always put a smile on my face. 

From pinkish purple clouds to prismatic city streets, seeing the world through self-proclaimed Professional Unicorn Matt Crump's camera lens literally brightens my day. Also, his silly captions never fail to elicit a midday giggle.

It's not just the bright, saturated hues of the images on this account, it's the utter adorableness of it all--plastic dinosaurs balance cupcakes on their noses (snouts?) and taco shells overflow with colorful bits of confetti, making this a magical escape when my days become mundane.

This account is the stuff that every girly girl's dreams are made of. Sparkly jewels get served up on pastel lunch trays and pumpkin pies get dolled up with false lashes. The colors are fantastic, and even hot dogs and waffles get made over in shades of purple and pink.

Leslie Schneider, the eye behind Splendid Rags seems to have an affinity for candy and the color pink, making her a girl after my own heart. She's also really stylish and loves to travel, so her page offers up tons of inspiration when I've hit a wall.
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