April 23, 2014

Must Have: Forever 21 Fancy Faux Stone Drop Earrings

I was totally shocked when I spotted these earrings and learned they were from Forever 21. They look like they might be a little more expensive, right? They're colorful and playful and sparkly--the perfect match for a swingy summer dress and high ponytail.

April 22, 2014

Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

Warm weather has arrived, which means you can move the showers, brunches, dinners, and all the other spring and summertime celebrations outside. Whether you're hosting a big backyard BBQ or an intimate dinner party al fresco, there is a lot to consider when entertaining outdoors. The menu and decor are most important, but don't forget these essentials for the perfect outdoor party.

1. Citronella candles in fun, bright colors are as festive as they are effective. Place them around the perimeter, on tables, and any other flat surface.
2. Keep blankets on hand in case anyone gets chilly as the sun goes down.  
3. Lighting  is both for ambiance and for when the sun goes down. A combo of twinkling holiday lights strung in trees as well as candles in hurricanes or lanterns is always pretty.
4. A good cocktail recipe is a must for any outdoor soiree.
5. Prevent accidents with shatter-proof plates and drinkware that are actually stylish.
6. That old Igloo cooler was great for tailgating in college, but galvanized metal tubs are so much more chic for housing ice and beverages. Plus the metal will keep it all colder longer.
7. Music is a must; keep the party going with a wireless outdoor speaker and dock that transmits from up to 150 feet away.
8. Be the hostess who thinks of everything--have sunblock available if your party takes place during daylight hours. These wipes leave no goopy mess and are gentle enough for kids too. 
9. A firepit is always a nice touch. Buy one, or find a DIY firepit that fits your budget and skill level.

April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

I always enjoy the week leading up to a major holiday because I love our big family gatherings, but also because my four year-old gets so excited she practically explodes. This week she asked if it was Easter yet no less than three dozen times, and has been saying "Happy Easter!" to anyone who will listen (she's the sweetest). I can't until Sunday morning when I can tell her it is finally Easter. I hope your weekend is beautiful. Happy Easter, and God bless!

Something to keep in mind.

The phenomenally beautiful Jourdan Dunn for Maybelline.

A brilliant way to tote wine to the park or beach.  

This print that I want to get for each of my daughters' rooms.

Easter bunny tails, or coconut donut holes, whichever you prefer.

April 17, 2014

Pretty Spring Cocktails

Spring offers many reasons to celebrate, which means plenty of opportunities to throw a party. Here are some lovely cocktails to make a springtime fete even more festive. 

The name alone says springtime, but the edible flower garnish is what makes it.  

A real refresher for an outdoor soiree.

Expecting a crowd? A pitcher of sangria is always a good idea. 

The pretty pastel colors, the sparkling champagne--this may be the most perfect bridal shower drink ever. 

The pink color presents beautifully; make these ahead of time and have them waiting for guest on a chic serving tray. 

April 16, 2014

Must Have: Tiny Food Party!

I'm big on tiny food, and I love to entertain, so a tiny food party sounds like the best idea ever. There is nothing, nothing, I don't love about this book; even the title, with its exclamation point, is excited about tiny food. And these aren't recipes for fancy hors d'oeuvres that require a ton of prep and cooking time, but actually miniature versions of fun, every day foods like tacos, onion rings, and the teeny tiniest chicken and waffles. Plus, there are recipes for mini cocktails! Honestly, I'm having a blast just looking at the pictures.