15 Uses for Chalkboard Contact Paper

April 23, 2013

Chalkboard contact paper is a great (and inexpensive) alternative if you don't want to do the whole DIY chalkboard paint thing, or if you're looking for a chalkboard effect that can easily be cut and shaped the way you want it. Here are just a few ways to use this must-have multi-tasker.  

1. Use as a table runner and label food and wine at a wine tasting party. Draw arrows to show which wines go with which nibbles.
2. Put up on a wall to let little ones scribble to their heart's content.
3. Place chalkboard contact paper in a frame, sans glass, and keep in your kitchen to make grocery lists. Or a menu for a brunch or dinner party (or an average weeknight for that matter). 
4. Create labels for kitchen canisters.
5. Make flashcards for kids. You can erase and use for different subjects, or progress with your child as they get older, without having to buy new flashcards.
6. Cut into cute little shapes and use as gift labels.
7. Line the inside of your pantry door and jot down when items are running low.
8. Label beverage containers or dispensers at a BBQ or party.
9. Frame (leave the glass out) and write daily affirmations, scriptures, quotes, etc to inspire you. This is also a really terrific gift.
10. Use to label dishes at buffet table. Or at a potluck have everyone write the name of their dish and who brought it.
11. Cut and stick to plastic stemware for a party. Leave chalk out so guests can write their names on their glass or cups. 
12. Cover the top of your child's desk with it--they'll never have to use scratch paper again!
13. For a non-fancy brunch or luncheon, cut into place mat-sized rectangles and stick to paper or plastic tablecloths. Trace a plate in the center, then write each guest's name on the drawn plate for their place setting.  Get extra kitschy and draw in a knife, spoon, and fork as well.
14. For a game night, roll it out and use for a multi-player tic-tac-toe tournament (or any other game you can think of). Leave the paper on the back so you can roll it back up and use for something else later.
15. Label bins and boxes to keep your garage neat and organized.       


  1. I need a roll of this ASAP!

    1. Isn't it great? Let me know if you think of some other cool ways to use it. ; )

  2. I am soooo going to get some of this! Munchie will have a ball with this!

    1. It's the BEST for little kids! Plus it's way more convenient than an actual chalkboard because you can take it everywhere.

  3. I know I saw a spread in Martha Stewart living where she used this as a table cloth for a beer tasting party.

    Ali of



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