Get Gorgeous with Vaseline

March 14, 2013

Good old Vaseline--it's simple, unassuming, cheap, and has been around forever (over 140 years, actually). There's nothing particularly glamorous about it at first sight, but it can totally transform a look and instantly glamorize you. Here, ten uses that'll surely up your glam quotient.

1. Dip a clean mascara brush (pick some up at beauty counters or in Sephora stores) in Vaseline and apply to lashes for a naturally lush and soft look.
2. For DIY pedis, slather your feet in Vaseline and cover with plastic wrap for a few minutes. Think of this as an at-home paraffin wax treatment.
3. Mix a dab of it with lotion to make a rich hand cream. 
4. Swipe over eye shadow for a sexy sheen.
5. Another tip for DIY manis and pedis, use a cotton swab to coat around your nails. The nail polish won't stick to the Vaseline, making cleaning up mistakes a cinch. 
6. Swipe a little Vaseline on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy effect.
7. Use as a base for DIY lip balms and glosses. 
8. In a pinch, use to tame flyaways.
9. Use Vaseline to groom unruly eyebrows.
10. Rub a little bit on pulse points before spritzing them with perfume to help the fragrance last throughout the day.

photography by Angelica Golden


  1. I love vaseline and always have some on hand at home! Love #10 tip- will have to try this one!

    Holly Foxen Wells

    1. Totally! It's a must-have. Let me know how #10 works for you.

  2. omg your comment on my blog made me lol

  3. Now you know I am in dire need for #2! LOL... My feet will deceive you from the top, just don't look on the bottom.

  4. I love vaseline! I use it everyday as my moisturizer and when I go out with the hubby I mix it with my favorite lotion.

  5. The things you can do with Vaseline......who knew?......I sure didn't. Thanks Doll!


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