Write {Never Text} a Thank You Note

March 21, 2013

In the age of text messaging and tweeting, it seems that  actually handwriting a note has become something of a lost art; why bother locating a pen and notecard* when tapping out a text or sending someone a tweet is so much quicker? But when it comes to saying thank you, there is nothing more thoughtful, or more appropriate, than actually expressing your gratitude in a nice card. Here are three steps to writing up a quick, but sincere, thank you note.

1.  After the salutation, say thank you for whatever the specific gift or service was.
2.  Tell the recipient of your note how you have used, or plan to use the gift or how the service affected you. For example, if someone sent you flowers you can say how beautiful they look and how they brighten up your office. If a service was provided, like a website redesign for example, tell them how you've received or look forward to receiving a great response to the new look.
3. Reiterate your thanks with a simple, "Again, thank you so much!" Then end your note with the appropriate closing.

* By the way, how cute are these notecards? I got them from the $1 section at Target! 

photography by Angelica Golden


  1. The other day my friend said that he forgot how to write, that it takes him ages to write something with a pen - I was shocked.:) I write every day, I have to, I like it. I write thank you notes and threat notes alike.:D

    1. OMG that's hilarious! Both the fact that your friend has forgotten how to write and that you write threat notes! :D

  2. I did a post just like this singing the merits of thank you cards! these are too cute!

    Holly Foxen Wells

    1. It really is a lost art, isn't it?

  3. Angel, those cards are fantastic-fab! Texts are so informal. Letter writing and/or card messages are truly the best way to go to express your thanks.

    1. They're adorable and only $1 at Tar-jay! How do you love that?!


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