10 Ways to Help Out a New Mom

September 3, 2014

According to statistics, more women give birth in the month of September than any other month of the year. If you happen to know someone who is having a baby this month, or whenever, show her some love by lending a hand with the new baby and around the house. As a mommy of two little ones, I can assure you she will appreciate it. 

1. Mommy may not want to leave her tiny bundle right away, but she may not object to a nap or hot shower. Offer to come and sit with the baby while she catches up on some Zs. And if the baby is napping too, see if the dishwasher needs emptying or bottles need washing.

2. Cook or bake a dish that will keep in the fridge or freezer in case she doesn't get around to eating it right away. Give her a call first to find out if there are any dietary restrictions, especially if she's nursing, and find out a good time to drop it off.

3. When mom is ready, pick her up for a quick mani/pedi or to grab a cup of tea. She'll appreciate the break from her wee lamb, but won't be gone long enough to send her into a panic about leaving the baby.

4. After 40 weeks of anticipation, lots of mommies like to send a birth announcement. Show up at her place ready to stuff and seal envelopes and attach stamps. It's a little gesture that she'll no doubt appreciate. And if she's not sending birth announcements, she's likely sending thank you cards for all the gifts she's received for baby; take care of those for her.

5. Bring mom some reading material to peruse as she recovers from giving birth, especially if she's had a C-section. Nothing too long or intense, as she'll likely not have time for it; think fashion or gossip mags.

6. Offer to do baby's laundry for the first few weeks. It's a big commitment, but one that will be greatly appreciated by any new mommy. 

7. When you're out running errands, text mom to see if there are any errands you can take care of for her. 

8. If there are older siblings in the house, let mom know you can pick them up from school or get them on the weekend for some time at the park or somewhere else really fun. Mom will appreciate the bonding time with the baby, and the kids will have a chance to get out and run around--something they may not have had a chance to do since baby's arrival. 

9. Offer your assistance when baby is a few weeks old. During the first week or two, new moms get bombarded with help, but things die down shortly thereafter, so show up ready to help when the new momma may need it most.

10. Whether she's gushing over her sweet little lamb or ranting about sore nipples and lack of sleep, listen. And do so without judging or forcing your unsolicited opinion on her. New moms go through a ton of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes, so having a good friend to lean on is always a comfort.

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  1. These are great tips. A friend of mine just had a baby. I will give these a try.

    1. She will love you for it, guaranteed! ; )

  2. Good advice! BTW...Is September the busiest baby-having month because mommy and daddy are mostly bored 9 months prior... in the winter?


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