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November 6, 2013

Swag, verve, moxie--whatever you call it, there's confidence at the heart of it. It's about being friendly, energetic, assertive, and comfortable. Since it's not always easy to pull this off, here are some tricks to put into practice that will instantly make you appear and feel more confident.    

Even if you're not happy, smiling a genuine smile can actually help to boost your mood. And when you're in a good mood, your body language changes, thus making you appear more confident and more attractive. 

Correct your posture
Again, it's all about body language. Hunching over with your head down tells the world that you are small and shy, uncomfortable with yourself. But walking with your head held high and your shoulders back screams that you are a woman who is sure of herself, who loves her body, and knows how to work it. 

Get chatty
Greet your barista with a smile, say hello to the clerk at the checkout and ask her how she's doing, have a friendly exchange with a receptionist--do this without fishing for something out of your purse or looking down at your phone. Make eye contact, offer a smile, and be courteous. And when you meet eyes with someone on the street, say hello or good morning or whatever is appropriate. 

Make and maintain eye contact
For some reason making and maintaining eye contact is viewed as a bit aggressive, and most people become uncomfortable and look away. There's actually nothing aggressive about it if you do it right. It's not a staring contest (please don't stare or you'll look totally creepy!!), just keep a natural, relaxed look on your face, smile and nod occasionally. People will think you're friendly, attentive, and most of all, confident. 

Play up your strengths
If you're funny, be funny. If you can dance your butt off, take every opportunity to bust a move. History buff? Work it into the conversation.  Your talents and skills are what make you special and unique--don't hide or downplay them. And no matter what, never apologize for the things that you're good at or that interest you.

Laugh at yourself 
Remember in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods showed up at a party in a sexy bunny costume while everyone else was in jeans and tees? She should have been mortified, but instead she smiled and played the whole thing off. We've all tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, spilled some portion, if not all, of a meal down our blouse,  or worn the wrong outfit to a party, but instead of getting flustered, learn to laugh it off.

Fake it 'til you make it 
Having confidence is like playing a musical instrument; if you want to be good at it, it'll take practice. There will most certainly be times when you don't feel so confident, and those are the moments when you must plant a smile on your face, give your hair a playful toss and act the part. Keep it up, and eventually being more confident will start to come naturally to you.

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  1. Great post and tips are easy to apply and they can work wonders.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. Great list! Def a good reminder to try and do all of these things every day!

    1. Thanks! It definitely takes practice to remember to do them every day.


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