Get Gorgeous with Aloe Vera

November 14, 2013

Aloe vera is like nature's ultimate healer--it does everything from healing excessively dry skin to curing a runny nose. It's also a must have beauty product to stay gorgeous, inside and out. Here are ten beautiful reasons to pick up a bottle of aloe vera gel, or better still, buy a plant. 

1. Aloe vera is rich with anti-oxidants, including vitamins C and E--use it to firm and brighten skin. 
2. Mix aloe vera gel with coconut oil for a revitalizing pre-shampoo treatment. 
3. Slather it on post-shower to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated all day.
4. Boil aloe vera leaves then grind them into a paste; add a few drops of honey and apply to your face. It's a healing mask for acne and oily skin. 
5. Use aloe vera gel to help control frizz without any greasiness.
6. Heal various skin conditions, including eczema, itchy skin, sunburn, insect bites, and razor burn. 
7. Apply to hair and scalp and use as a hair mask for 30 minutes. No need to add anything else.
8. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are great for healing pimples.
9. Combine one part aloe vera gel with two parts lemon juice and apply to hair to control oil and clean build up without drying the hair.
10. Drink aloe vera juice to maintain a healthy body weight, feel healthy and have energy, and nourish the body with anti-oxidants and nutrients. 

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