Sweet Gifts for Baby

November 20, 2013

Shopping for loved ones at Christmastime is already a joy in itself, but shopping for babies at Christmastime, or any time really, is even sweeter. Everything is so tiny and soft, and just so yummy! Here, nine utterly adorable gifts to make your baby gurgle and coo this holiday season.

This teddy bear bank is as chic as it is practical.  
A sweet print with a lovely message for your little one.
Baby will be comfy and cozy on this cushy nap mat.
Onesies in fun colors will keep baby merry and bright all year long. 
Chunky knits to keep little one toasty and warm. 
The most adorable little leggings for little hipsters.
Colorful moccasins to make toddling around stylish and fun. 
A precious book to teach your beloved about friendship.
Something soft and cuddly for long car trips, nap time, doctor visits...


  1. Everything a must for baby but those shoes!! Too cute and such brilliant colors.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. I know! I totally wish they made them for adults.


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