Bar Cart Essentials

November 28, 2013

Lately I've been seeing pictures of bar carts that look so expertly styled--with glasses lined up just so and pretty little vases or boxes perched atop stacks of books--that I'm inspired to create my own. I haven't found my bar cart yet, although this one is sweet and the price is just right, but I have found just about all the bar accessories (in shades of gold and white, of course), including a cute little bottle opener that doubles as a decor accent and cocktail picks that shine bright like diamonds.

Expressive coasters turn a simple pre-dinner drink into a celebration.
Gilded highball glasses make cocktails, or even juice, a little fancier.
An ice bucket is a bar necessity so it may as well be attractive.  
A sweet little dove that is both a bottle opener and a decor accent.
A gold and white bowl that's cool enough on its own, or can be used to hold anything from pistachios to toothpicks. 
Dressed up straws make drinks more festive, obvi.
By far one of the prettiest decanters I've spotted.
A compact wine rack leaves plenty of space on the bottom for more glasses or a lovely stack of books. 
It's silly, but I'm always drawn to bottles with beautiful labels, like Lillet Rose and Elderflower Presse.
These diamond picks are meant for appetizers, but also make perfect olive and onion picks for martinis. 
A sparkly cocktail shaker that actually isn't too girly.

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