Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas

November 18, 2013

'Tis the season for giving presents, and one of my favorite things about the holidays is wrapping gifts in lovely paper and ribbon and making them look all pretty and festive. Here are four ideas for wrapping prezzies, should you find yourself without proper gift wrap, or you just want people to think you're terribly clever and inventive. And none of them really scream "Christmas!" so they'll work for any holiday or occasion.   

Magazine pages: The fun part about wrapping a gift with magazine pages is feeling all arts'n'craftsy. Tear pages with a common color or theme. For example, rip out pages that have any shade of purple, or only pages that have lipstick ads, etc. Since you have to tape the pages together before you start wrapping, I recommend you only do this for smaller gift boxes.

Brown paper: There's a reason the song says "brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things." Brown paper packages look really nice when tied up with pretty ribbon or even striped baker's twine. And since it's like a blank canvas you can write a special note to the recipient, or decorate it with glitter or festive scrapbook appliques. The options really are endless.

Newspaper: Newspaper is surprisingly pretty when it's dressed up with shiny bows. Black and white pages always look chic, but you can also make it more playful and use the colorful comic pages. Another option is to use a page with some sort of picture that fits the giftee's personality or hobbies, like this football pic for the sports enthusiast.  

Foil: Because it's shiny and silver (which makes it perfect for holiday gift giving, no?), foil, along with any pretty colored or patterned ribbon, makes for a fancy-looking prezzy. I recommend heavy duty foil as it's thicker and more like metallic wrapping paper than the thinner, flimsier regular foil.

photos by Angelica Golden

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