Cinco de Mayo Menu

April 14, 2015

It's hard not to love Cinco de Mayo--it's colorful and festive, and, no matter what your heritage, it always promises to be a good time. With the holiday approaching I've started thinking of ways to celebrate, and since I love Mexican food, I'm looking forward to a little fiesta with plenty of good eats. I recently whipped up a few favorites that are perfect for Cinco de Mayo festivities.  

I have friends who request my layer dip for just about every gathering, so I know these individual servings will be a hit. To ensure a neater, more appealing presentation I put the beans, guacamole, and sour cream in plastic sandwich bags, snipped the corners, and piped them into the little plastic cups before smoothing them out with a spoon.

Tacos top my list of favorite foods, Mexican or otherwise, and these potato and cheese tacos are a must in our house. I peeled, boiled, smashed, and seasoned potatoes, then stuffed them into tortillas that were softening in oil over medium heat. I fried them until they were crispy, before topping them with shredded cheddar cheese.

I love brownies and am always happy to make them for any occasion. For Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to give my favorite dessert a south-of-the-border twist, so I used Food Network's Aaron Sanchez's Mexican Brownies recipe--they're spiked with warm cinnamon and cayenne pepper, which gives them a nice bit of heat at the end. Plus, they were ridiculously simple to make.

To wash it all down I picked up some bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola. I'm not much of a soda drinker, and I never keep any in the house, but there is just something about an ice cold Mexican Coke that I find irresistible. 


  1. Oh Angy! I love this post. It's so vibrant and I adore how you created the individual sized dip. They are so clean and neat. I miss those tacos too ! Yum yum! Great info honey!

  2. Yuuuum! I love an opportuntity to eat Mexican food!


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