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April 3, 2015

Spring break flew by and I'm starting to feel a little sad that my girl will be back in school next week. At the same time, I'm really excited for Easter Sunday because both of my girls are guaranteed to freak out when they see those colorful baskets filled with candy. My 20-month old was just a tiny baby for her first Easter, but this year she'll actually get to dig into her basket. Plus, as usual, there's a big dinner and Easter egg hunt planned with my whole family; I know my girls are going to have a ball with their cousins. I bid you a wonderful, safe, and blessed Easter weekend. God bless! John 3:16

A banana split cake

DIY pom pom beach shorts that I'd actually love to make for my little ones. 

PiƱata Easter eggs. Such an inventive way to use eggs instead of dyeing them. 

50 ways to wear a striped shirt

A pretty and inspirational wallpaper for my desktop.

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