Inspired Design: Styled Coffee Tables

April 16, 2015

I clearly have a thing for beautifully styled coffee tables lately (see yesterday's post); I find myself looking at images throughout the day when I have a few minutes to myself, or scouring the internet when I have a particularly unfortunate bout of writers' block. Since my girls are still so little I won't be incorporating the look into our space any time soon (tiny hands tend to touch everything, despite mommy's repeated requests and "no nos"), but I can still draw inspiration from these gorgeous photos.

What I love: the sparkly vase

What I love: the fun colors

What I love: two coffee tables, anchored by the pink taper candles and cherry blossoms; the gorgeous color palette

What I love: the mix of paper weights, magnifying glasses, matches, and books

What I love: the matchbooks and the Voluspa candle; the color palette

What I love: the gold antelope (or is it a deer?)

What I love: that fabulous Hermes tray and the fresh flowers

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  1. Oh! I can already picture a myriad of little fingerprints all over that table and vase. These decor tips are sure to spice up anyone's living space. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Very inspiring :-)


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