Anatomy of a Perfectly Styled Coffee Table

April 15, 2015

If you've ever perused the pages of Domino or spent time clicking through you've no doubt seen images of vast living rooms with tons of natural light, impeccable furniture, and, at the heart of them all, a perfectly styled coffee table. Here are the design elements that make up those enviable coffee tables. 

1. Fresh flowers instantly elevate a space, adding texture, color, and, height to the flat surface of the coffee table. 
A lovely vase to house fresh flowers is just as important as the colorful blooms themselves. 

2. A statement piece doesn't necessarily have to be large, but it should definitely stand out. Think dramatic tapers in elegant candle holders, a statuette, or even an eye-catching vase for the flowers. 
An hourglass adds interest and definitely makes a statement. 

3. Aptly named, coffee table books are meant to add color and height. Keep the look cohesive by stacking several books with covers in the same color family, and try to stick with one theme (e.g. style, travel, photography).

Coffee table books should be chic and stylish. It also helps if they're less than $30 like this one. 

4. Trays are great for covering surface area, as well as holding decorative accents and functional items like coasters or candles. 

A sleek tray is both decorative and functional. 

5. Accents--a decorative little bowl, a seashell or figurine, a beautiful candle and colorful box of matches--fill space, add color and height (especially when sitting atop the stack of books), and pull the whole look together. 

Accents can be as big or little as you like. And don't be afraid to mix metals and textures. 

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  1. Wow! That designer did a wonderful job of mixing all of those colors together perfectly . You know that I'm a minimalist but I love the intricate design choices for that room. Great inspiration !

    1. Yeah, that is definitely one of my favorite coffee tables/living room spaces. I love the pops of pink!


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