Friday Favorites

April 17, 2015

It is really heating up in SoCal; the kind of weather that makes my five-year old strip down to her Frozen panties the minute she steps foot in the house. And while I'm grateful we didn't suffer the brutal, never-ending winter that hit other parts of the country, I do wish we'd had at least a month or two of that beautiful, sunny-but-still-cool spring weather that requires a light sweater and scarf. This weekend I'll be dealing with the heat the best way I know how--with plenty of fro-yo and perhaps a movie (sitting in an air-conditioned theater with a box of popcorn on my lap doesn't sound like a bad idea). Have a safe and fun weekend. God bless!

A really sweet Mother's Day card that you can download. 

Painted aloe plants

An insanely beautiful watercolor graffiti cake.

pink armoire that I might try to duplicate. 

This reaction to Hillary Clinton's announcement.


  1. Graffiti cake? Hmmm... Interesting! That's a new one. It's so amazing all the designs bakers can do on food. Stay cool my friend!

    1. I know--that cake is gorgeous! So creative. Thanks, love!

  2. That pink armoire is a dream! And the Clinton tweet made me laugh - too funny!


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