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May 29, 2015

Gearing up for summer is more fun than ever since having my little girls, especially now that my oldest is in school--since it was her first year, the words "summer vacation" actually mean something to her. She doesn't quite have the concept of time down (she's only five) but she realizes that she's not going to have to go to school for awhile. And me being me, I've been pumping her up about summer and all the fun things we'll get to do together. I mentioned a possible pajama party (not to be confused with a sleepover) and she went bananas. I also want to plan a trip to Disneyland to celebrate the 60th anniversary, and of course we have Hawaii and a few road trips to look forward to. Do you have anything planned for the summer? 

Have a fantastic weekend, and God bless!

Chic candy stores around the world, and yes, I want to visit them all. 

A backyard movie party that looks like so much fun. I'm thinking this summer...

Jourdan Dunn's denim jumpsuit. And also her sunnies.

Hibiscus marshmallows.

Jessica Alba on the cover of Forbes for starting a diaper company because she wanted something better for her babies. This mama rocks!


  1. I am a sucker for jumpsuits!
    Well, we plan to go to San Diego for Sea World and possibly Legoland. That'll be cool.

    1. I always hear how great Legoland is--you guys will have fun for sure!


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