Friday Favorites

May 15, 2015

This week went by blessedly fast, and I couldn't be happier because I have a fabulous weekend with girlfriends ahead of me. We're all leaving our babies with our men and having a much-needed girls day; it's sort of an extension to Mother's Day. Since we haven't had a chance to hang out sans bambinos in a really long time, we've all been sending the happiest, giddiest text messages. I hope you have something fun planned for your weekend. Be safe and God bless!

These colorful gladiator sandals

Five reasons Hulu should save The Mindy Project. (I'm devastated by FOX's cancellation, by the way.)

Pulled pork breakfast nachos

Cubes of food that look surprisingly awesome.

This professor, who comforted a crying baby so that the child's mother could stay in class for the lecture.


  1. Yay to this weekend ! I'm ready to relax, relax and relax some more!
    Btw, that professor needs a raise !

    1. That professor deserves a medal and a raise! Apparently he's gotten all kinds of love via social media. What an awesome thing to do.


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