15 Fun Things to Do With the Kids in May

May 1, 2015

Coming up with new ways to keep your little ones entertained can seem an impossible task at times, so each month I will offer up a few fun ideas that you and your children might enjoy. Have fun!

1. Make homemade Play Doh and spend the afternoon being creative with it.

2. Sit in the park and eat popsicles.

3. Make individuals pizzas from scratch and let them make silly faces with the toppings.

4. Celebrate May the 4th with a Star Wars marathon.

5. Build an obstacle course in the living room or backyard.

6. Set up a lemonade stand and help them make a little pocket money for summer vacation.

7. Take them to see Tomorrowland. (Release date is May 22.)

8. Get one of those ridiculously huge bubble blowers and have some fun outside.

9. Let them cash in all the coins at the bottom of your purse.

10. Teach them how to double dutch jumprope. 

11. Wake up extra early and watch the sun rise.

12. Roast marshmallows over the stove or grill.

13. Go fishing.

14. Have an un-birthday party, like in Alice in Wonderland.

15. Fill their rooms with balloons while they sleep so they wake up to a colorful surprise.

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