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May 8, 2015

I'm extremely sentimental, so it's no surprise that as Mother's Day nears I've been looking at pictures of my sweet girls when they were teeny tiny (and getting a little misty). My 5-year old, the sweetest, yummiest little sugar plum ever, is icing on the cake; she's been saying "Happy Mother's Day!" all week and telling me how important I am to her and how much she loves me (which, by the way, is more than her books and Disneyland and all the holidays combined). I'm just so in love with both of my girls, so in love, and I feel so blessed to be their momma. However you're celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday, whether you're being feted or you're celebrating one of the moms in your life, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and a safe weekend. God bless!

The pants, yes, but also those adorable giraffes. 

Balloons that make me want to throw a party immediately.

Disney princesses as decor inspiration.

This ridiculously pretty tablescape

An absolutely perfect shot of Santa Monica. (I heart L.A.!)


  1. I thought that first picture was a's so beautiful!
    Happy Mamas Day my sweet!!!

    1. I know, her skin is so flawless! Happy Mamas Day to you too, my dear!


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