10 Reasons I Love Los Angeles

May 28, 2015

I love L.A., I really do. I wasn't born and raised here like my husband and a few of my family members, but I've always considered Los Angeles my home. There are countless reasons why I adore the city (even with the traffic, smog, and  tourists that most locals complain about), but here are ten that, in my opinion, could make anyone fall in love.

1. Access to the beaches.
2. The Grove. (I realize The Grove has become very touristy and a little cheesy, but I love walking around, wandering in and out of the shops, and having an iced coffee as I make my way to the neighboring Farmer's Market.)
3. The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd. And if I'm being really specific, the Noisella French toast at the Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd.
4. The Pantages Theater, where I saw my first Broadway play. (It was The Lion King.)
5. MB Post in Manhattan Beach (the bacon cheddar biscuits with maple butter are life changing).
6. Food trucks.
7. Cute little neighborhoods like Culver City and Silverlake.
8. The Rose Bowl flea market (technically not in Los Angeles, but it's close enough).
9. The flower marts downtown. 
10. The fashion district, where I spent countless hours and countless dollars at designer sample sales when I was a fashion editor at FIDM. 

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  1. Oh how I miss our runs to The Grove! Lion King was my only Broadway play and I loved it! And the Griddle Cafe is nothing short of AMAZING! It sure would be great if you would... (Angy, YOU fill in the blank). :-)


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