Friday Favorites

April 24, 2015

April has drawn to a close rather quickly and I find myself wanting to dig in my heels to slow down time a little (mostly because my sweet girl will be graduating kindergarten in less than two months and I am so not ready), while simultaneously speeding things up to get to all the fun we have planned this summer. What I'm learning, though, is that I can do neither, so I need to relax and enjoy the moment (I'm a work in progress). This week I enjoyed a fro-yo date with my favorite five-year old, lots of snuggles with my baby, and the loudest thunder storm I've ever heard, which resulted in lots of snuggles from both girls. It was a great week! Have a fun and safe weekend. God bless!

This La Regale Pineapple Cork Miniaudiere.

A Bird Ballet. This video is absolutely incredible. 

A new brunch dish I want to try out.  

This beautiful garden party.

A fabulous bathtub

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