Friday Favorites

September 26, 2014

As September draws to an end I find myself thinking about the holiday season and the hustle and bustle that is about to ensue in just a few short weeks. As always, I'm excited for it--it's my favorite time of year, after all--but I'll admit, just thinking about the shopping and parties and planning and packing is enough to make me want to take a long nap. Starting next weekend I've got birthday parties, baby showers, trips to the pumpkin patch, Halloween, a trip to Disneyland, my daughter's birthday and my brother's birthday--and that's just October! I'm thankful that this weekend I've absolutely no plans. What are you grateful for today? Have a safe and blessed weekend, and God bless.

The return. (Was that dramatic enough for you? I promise not to make this a regular on Friday Favorites. But seriously how awesome was that season premiere?!)

This insanely gorgeous closet.  

The perfect fall look

A favorite quote.  And also a reminder to be a little more courageous.

These ridiculously cool boots.

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