Friday Favorites

September 12, 2014

I'm telling you, something about the changing seasons makes me want to throw on my apron and spend the day in the kitchen, cooking and baking all my family's favorites and trying out new recipes. Since it's still hot as Hades here in Southern California (what's up with that?), I've resorted to scouring Pinterest and a few other sites and drooling over pictures of food, rather than actually cooking food. I'm hoping that will all change soon, but in the meantime, I'm thoroughly enjoying looking at this picture of New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp. I hope you enjoy your weekend. God bless!

Cajun BBQ shrimp, one of my most favorite foods.

The most adorable DIY printed clock. I'd love it with a fun, glittery print or bright colors.

This sweet little Kate Spade--happy birthday to me?

Four more days until Season 3.

Giant bow gift wrap, you know, for my inner 5-year old. 

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