Talk About It: Men with Facial Hair

April 15, 2013

Fun fact: I've been with my husband for six and a half years and have never seen him without some sort of facial hair (save for baby pictures, of course). He's altered his look over the years--doing the soul patch thing occasionally, growing in a full beard other times, but he's never done away with the facial hair completely. Fortunately, I happen to love his look and can't imagine him any other way.  But I have friends who are very particular about facial hair, and some have asked their men to to keep their mugs shaved. I even have one girlfriend who thinks facial hair on stars like Ryan Reynolds is super sexy, but refuses to kiss her hubby if he so much as has 5 o'clock shadow. 

So what's your stand on men with facial hair? Do you like your man clean-shaven and smooth or with a little (or a lot) of scruff? And if you have a particular preference, how do you let your guy know?

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  1. I prefer my man with a little scruff but I do appreciate when he's as smooth as a baby and I can rub my face all over his!

    1. Aww, that's sweet! Thanks for sharing!


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