Cool Gifts for Guys

April 24, 2013

My husband's birthday is at the end of the month and I've yet to even look at a potential gift. Last year I bought him a brand new set of fancy golf clubs, which will be hard to top, but fortunately, my guy is pretty low maintenance and won't expect anything too grand.  Still, it's nice to spoil the people you love with nice prezzies, so I've rounded up a few things I think any guy would love.

For the style savvy dude, The Mr. Porter Paperback will be much appreciated.
Not just any headphones, wireless TV headphones so prince charming doesn't disturb his sleeping beauty.
Facial scrubs and hand creams can be intimidating for men, but this hygiene kit is totally guy-friendly.
If he's trying to improve his swing, a talking golf caddy might do the trick. 
Coasters that a guy will not only like, but actually use.
A bow tie in a classic color combo is must for every man.
A little encouragement in the form of a paperweight.  
An electric meat smoker that's a little less expensive than a traditional smoker. Plus this one also roasts meat.
The big game will be even better with home-brewed beers on hand. 


  1. These are some great picks! An electric smoker, hmmm.

    Ali of

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the electric is cheaper than traditional, and looks more compact.


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