7 Baby Products to Share with Your Little One

May 6, 2014

You may not expect to walk into your little one's nursery or the baby product aisle at Target and find beauty essentials for yourself, but trust me, they're there.  Here are seven products that can work for both baby and you. The fact that they're all so inexpensive is the icing.

Hair Brush
The bristles on a baby brush are super soft and are actually gentle enough to use on your face. Instead of paying extra money for a facial brush, borrow your little lamb's hair brush.

Baby Powder
In a pinch, a light sprinkling of baby powder can act as a dry shampoo. Just make sure you shake it out well and brush out the excess.

Baby Oil
Baby oil is an excellent, effective, and inexpensive eye makeup remover. 

Baby Wash
There are tons of makeup brush cleansers on the market, but the truth is, baby wash does the trick, and likely for a lot less money.

The same Aquaphor that relieves baby's diaper rash can work myriad wonders on you, including, but certainly not limited to treating dry, chapped lips, moisturizing cuticles, and healing irritated skin from shaving. For a moisturizing boost post-shower, mix a little with your body lotion.

Baby Lotion
With its lightly-scented, creamy-but-not-too-thick texture baby lotion makes the perfect shaving cream. 

Diaper Rash Cream
Diaper cream is another product with tons of benefits: soothe razor burn, shrink a pimple, or use it to de-puff under your eyes. You could also use it on other skin rashes such as eczema and psoriasis.  

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