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May 9, 2014

I would be remiss if I didn't wish all the mommies, whether your babies are biological, adopted, or fur, a Happy Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to relaxing with my family this weekend--we always get together, the whole lot of us, and have a lovely brunch--and maybe even squeezing in a nap. I hope your weekend, and your Mother's Day are wonderful. God bless!

Kate Spade On Purpose--a concept that is helping communities around the world. The first collection is designed by a group of 150 Rwandan women.

A healthy "ice cream" that I want to try, mostly because I can eat it for breakfast, but also because it's good for me.

A Happy Mother's Day from celebrity mommas and their kids. 

Mindy and Danny. (I love this show!)  

A beautiful depiction of my favorite Nelson Mandela quote. 

image via Pinterest

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