Friday Favorites

May 30, 2014

It's been a jam-packed week, but a great one. We discovered a charming little bookstore and already I'm planning a trip back (it didn't hurt that the bakery adjacent to the bookstore had enormous chocolate chip cookies and a very tasty kale salad). We've no definitive plans for the weekend, and that's perfectly fine with me. I want to relax, read, have an iced coffee or two, and just be in the moment without rushing to be somewhere. I hope you have an amazing weekend. God bless! 

A perfect brunch-at-home recipe: spinach, artichoke, and ricotta tart

Dating tips from TV heroines. (Even us married women can appreciate some of these.)

More inspiration for my sweet baby's first birthday.  

A cool weekend look, maybe for a breezy Saturday evening.

These incredibly beautiful (and, sadly, unaffordable) wood surfboards by Kelly Wearstler.

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