FIFA World Cup Lingo

May 20, 2014

I'm not necessarily a soccer fan, but I did go to an L.A. Galaxy game once and had the time of my life (beer, sun, confetti, and David Beckham--I mean...). With the 2014 FIFA World Cup just a few weeks away, there will no doubt be tons of conversation about the matches; if you're not a fan, or are just unfamiliar with the game, here are a few soccer terms to make those water cooler talks a little more bearable.

Advantages: When a team possesses the ball and outnumbers the opponent near the opponent's own goal.
Air ball: When the ball is airborne; also called "lofted" or "lifted" ball.
Attacker: The player who possesses the ball.
Banana kick: A kick used to angle the ball around another player or obstacle.
Fast break: When the attacker advances toward the goal undefended. 
Flick header: A player ricochets the ball off the top or side of their head.
Handball: A player fouls by touching the ball with their hand.
Hat trick: When a player scores three or more goals in one game.  
Killer ball: A pass that sets up a goal.
Long ball: A long pass.
Nutmeg: When a player passes the ball between another player's legs.
Pass: A play, kick, or strike of the ball with head, chest, or thighs, to a teammate.
Pop-It: A player passes the ball to themselves. 
Save: When the goalie intercepts a shot and keeps it from scoring a goal.
Shut out: The goalie prevents all shots from entering the net, resulting in a zero score for the opposing team.
Trap: Controlling or slowing the ball with the feet, thighs, or chest. (called "foot trap," "thigh trap," or "chest trap")
Under the ball: Using the head, chest, or feet to keep the ball aloft.
World Cup: The official international soccer tournament held every four years among the world's top professional teams.

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