St. Patrick's Day Cocktails for Non-Beer Drinkers

March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day is Monday--what are you drinking? If you're not into the celebratory green beer, order one of these cocktails when you head out to your local watering hole, or make them at home and bring the party to your place. 

You don't want to sip this in the morning (or maybe you do; I'm not judging) but this makes the perfect after-dinner drink.

A boozy take on the shamrock shake.

Possibly better than mint chocolate chip ice cream.

A fruity cocktail for anyone who's not into the standard minty drinks or pints of Guinness.

A shot of creme de menthe turns this Cuban classic into an Irish refreshment.

Looks like Guinness stout but tastes like coffee thanks to Kahlua and Bailey's.

Something sparkly and fruity for the champagne drinkers.


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