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March 4, 2016

Heading into a new month always makes me reflect on the time and how quickly it is passing. As we welcome March, I realize that my youngest will only be a two-year old for a few more months, and I wonder how many of her little two-year old idiosyncrasies will carry over into year three (I want her raspy little voice to stay, and I can't imagine her without her squishable, kissable round cheeks). Yesterday we snuggled under her Doc McStuffins blanket together before her nap, and I couldn't help but steal more kisses than usual and just stare at her beautiful little face. I'm hoping March takes its sweet time coming to a close so I can squeeze in as many precious moments like that as possible before I start planning her third birthday. This weekend we've got a family movie/dinner date planned. We're going to check out Zootopia, and I honestly can't tell who's more excited--my husband or my daughters. Have an amazing weekend, and God bless!

A fun, festive corner decorated with string lights.

Hot pink and leopard.

Pretty Paloma cocktails.  

Prints on prints on prints. 

Real talk

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