7 Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwiches to Try This Weekend

November 23, 2016

Perhaps one of the greatest joys of Thanksgiving (besides gathering together with family and friends, of course), is not having to cook afterwards because of all the leftovers. This year, instead of simply reheating our leftovers, I want to transform them into something tasty and unexpected. The best way to reinvent a Thanksgiving feast?--throw the whole kit and caboodle (turkey, cranberries, gravy, and all) between two slices of bread!

Thanksgiving Leftover Melt with turkey, smashed avocado, cranberry, brie, and mashed potato waffles


  1. Please tell me that they didn't put collard greens on that Layered Leftover Sandwich­čśž lol... BTW, nice post. Makes me excited to eat the morning after.


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