Currently Drooling Over: Gold Home Accents

July 10, 2013

We're in a new home and I've got decorating on the brain. Lately I've been favoring just about anything with gold, from side tables to servingware--they add a dose of luxury and glamour to any space. I've found a ton of pieces I'd love to get my hands on, many of them surprisingly affordable. 

Just a touch of gold turns a simple bowl into a glamorous statement piece.
A gold-trimmed box for holding treasures or just looking pretty on a book case. 
An insanely chic vase with an appealing honeycomb pattern and gorgeous golden hue.
Even an entryway can be dazzling when there's a gold umbrella stand in it.   
A golden serving set makes dishing up pasta or salad a classy affair. 
An accent pillow that's like a party on your sofa or bed.
Mixing cocktails at a bar cart with a gold leaf finish makes for ultra swanky at-home entertaining. 
White and gold wallpaper instantly makes a room sexier. 
The gilded branches of this votive holder bring a bit of outdoors in, but in the most posh way. 

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