DIY Flavored Coffee

April 7, 2014

My morning cup of coffee is something I look forward to every day. It's not that I'm a caffeine addict (I currently drink decaf), but I love the whole coffee experience--the sound of the pot percolating, the feel of my hands around the warm mug, that first sip. Experimenting with different flavored coffees is also part of the experience, and I was surprised to learn that I can make my own flavors at home. Here are two ways that I like best:

Flavored Coffee 1
In an airtight container, store whole coffee beans with fresh versions of your flavoring agent, such as broken cinnamon sticks, whole vanilla beans (split open, lengthwise), toasted hazelnuts or almonds, or cardamom seeds. The longer you keep the coffee stored, the more intense the flavor will become. Grind the flavoring agent with the coffee beans (except vanilla beans) when you're ready to brew. For vanilla, you can scrape the inside of the bean into the grinder with the beans, then grind it up together.

Flavored Coffee 2
Add a few drops of flavored oils (coffee flavoring oils, essential oils, or candy flavoring oils) to whole coffee beans and allow to set for at least thirty minutes. It may take several attempts before you figure out exactly how much oil to add to your liking. You can purchase professional grade coffee flavoring oils online; essential oils and candy flavoring oils can be found at cake supply shops or sometimes even Michael's.

*For either method, try mixing a couple of different flavoring agents together to create a custom blend. 


  1. I love the morning coffee experience. The smell wakes me up. Coffee is a great social drink. I love to have fellowship with my friends/family over a cup of coffee.

    1. You're so right; it's a great social drink. Plus, I can't tell you how many business meetings I've had over coffee. Thanks for stopping by!


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