Pearls & Pastries Sale

April 25, 2014

I recently discovered a fabulous Etsy shop called Pearls & Pastries and, I'm not kidding, within seconds I was in love. Owner Lauren Gray does these gorgeous sequin hangers that are perfect for displaying your loveliest garments (think wedding dresses and Christening gowns) or just adding a dose of fancy to your closet. Plus, there are a ton of beautiful prints with sweet, and sometimes sassy, expressions on them. From now until Sunday night, Lauren is offering the prints for just $5 each (no code needed), and you can get free shipping on orders of $6 or more with code SHIMMER (see, even her discount codes are fun). I took advantage and bought Dream Big Little One for each of my girls, and the print pictured above for my office. I can't wait to have coffee with it every morning and think about the life I'm designing. 

Have a fun weekend!

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