Friday Favorites

August 22, 2014

Two major milestones occurred this week: I registered my daughter for kindergarten and my baby started walking. Needless to say, this mommy is an emotional wreck! I can't believe my girls are growing up so quickly. Where did my tiny babies go? Naturally I had to torture myself further by looking at old photos and watching videos from when they were infants. Since this is the last weekend before school starts {ugly cries} I want to make it extra special for my little girl--frozen yogurt and a trip to the park will be involved. Enjoy your weekend, and God bless!

Corn and crab chowder with bacon--the perfect meal to help me ease into fall and this whole school business. 

Learning about intentional parenting

Cute ideas for a paint party for the little ones. 

A sweet scarf that I want this instant.

Proof that husbands just don't get fashion.


  1. Those rice krispy paint brushes are SO cute and clever - great find!!

    1. I know! I'm desperate to give them a try.

  2. A paint party is ingenious! So many things you can do... oh wait.... and so much time cleaning up. I might have to think twice about this one, but so creative nonetheless;-)

  3. I keep looking at those edible paint brushes and can't get over who ever thought of that. Mind-blowing!


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