5 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Season

October 16, 2014

Even though scarves are rarely a necessity in Southern California, I definitely have a strong affinity for them and have acquired a pretty sizable collection over the years. Since the weather has cooled, even if only slightly, I'm starting to plan my outfits around my scarves and trying to find new ways to wear them. I'm loving the way these ladies styled theirs.

I love the grunge-meets-glam look of a fur scarf layered over a plaid shirt.

This snuggly look will be perfect for a casual night out, when it's much cooler.

Head scarves seem to have a summery feel, but paired with a fur stole and maxi dress, this one totally works for fall.

Layered over a sweater, as opposed to a coat,  is ideal for the mild SoCal weather. 

Wrapped and tied--a classic look. 

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