Chic Halloween Decor Ideas

October 7, 2014

As holidays go, I'll admit I put far less effort into the Halloween festivities as I do Thanksgiving and Christmas--I'm just not a fan of getting spooked (or the color orange, for that matter). I am, however, a fan of fun and revelry, so even though I'm not into ghosts and goblins, I'm thinking about putting up a few not-so-typical-Halloween decorations around the house. I've found some ideas that are subtle and chic, including a black cake pedestal that I'm completely obsessed with and a candle that is reminiscent of Beetlejuice.

A ridiculously chic cake pedestal that can be used yearround.

An Edgar Allan Poe inspired spin. 

Apple boxes that will look sweet when Halloween is over.

A candle that can work for other occasions...New Year's Eve perhaps.

Talon candleholders that are just creepy enough. 

Branches that lend an earthy feel to sleek taper candles and a mirrored tray .

Bats that look more whimsical than Halloween-y.

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