Comfort and Joy: Comfort Foods with a Twist

November 18, 2014

When the temperature drops, a cold kale salad just can't compare to a bowl of hot soup or a plate of gooey mac and cheese. Cold days that turn into long, chilly evenings call for warm and soothing comfort foods.  Here, five culinary comforts that have been remixed to make them even better.

This dish brings two separate comfort foods together, then tops them with bacon.

Never mind dipping your grilled cheese into your tomato soup--make croutons out of it.

The carb-y goodness of soft beer pretzels made even better with a creamy, bacon-y filling.

The perfect crispy, hot, cheesy snack for watching football on Sunday. 

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food; this recipe kicks it up with jalapenos and buffalo chicken.

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