Friday Favorites

October 30, 2015

Between Red Ribbon Week, my daughter's birthday, and various Halloween activities (including trick-or-treating at their Gammy's office), my girls have had an action-packed, fun-filled week. And the festivities aren't over yet because we've still got a few birthday surprises in store. Plus, Halloween is this weekend, and just like that we're officially launched into the holiday season. Despite having been battling a nasty cold since Sunday, I have had a stellar week and am positively giddy about everything that is going to happen--the feasts, the parties, the friends, the music, the mistletoe, everything--in the coming months. Have a fantastic weekend, enjoy your extra hour of sleep, and God bless!

Fun and festive Oreos that I think my daughter would enjoy making for her friends. 

This gorgeous fireplace.

A beautiful and clever 3D cookie box.

These 'California' printable gift tags.

A reminder

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