5 Ways to Maximize Closet Space

August 16, 2016

Now that I have a walk-in closet all to myself and no longer share one with my hubby (he has to gets to store his clothes in the guest room closet, which is plenty big enough for him), I really want to maximize the space to accommodate my clothes and shoes, as well as my jewelry and hats, which have never really had a proper home. I'm an absolute sucker for a well-organized closet so I've been gathering ideas, including the five below, that I think will work for my space. 

1. An extra rod placed halfway down the wall below the top rod is perfect for hanging shorter skirts.

2. A low dresser or side table with drawers can serve as bonus storage, and when painted a pretty color with fancy pulls, it's also a decorative statement.

3. Securing pretty hooks or knobs to the walls or on the back of the door is great way to keep things like scarves, necklaces and bracelets, or handbags from taking up much-needed real estate on the shelves.

4. It's a well-known design staging trick to place mirrors in small rooms to make them appear bigger, and a strategically-placed mirror in a closet can do the same. Mirrors adhered to the wall behind shelves, or a floor-length mirror leaned against a wall give the space depth.

5. Utilizing as much of the wall as possible is fantastic for saving space. I love the idea of placing shelves high up and hooking high heels over them.

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  1. Check you out! Look at all those wood hangers!!! Not a wire one in sightšŸ˜®

    1. No wire hangers!! But this isn't my closet; mine isn't nearly as big or even remotely close to being completed. This is my inspiration though, for sure!


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