Perfect Palette: Unexpected Color Pairings for a Dynamic, Cohesive Home Aesthetic

September 13, 2016

Making our new house a home that is warm and inviting and reflects who we are as a family is extremely important to me. The previous owners painted the walls a grayish taupe color, and all of our furniture is neutral as well. To help me figure out how to liven the place up with a broader range of hues, I turned to Luxe Decor for design inspiration. They offered the following ideas for breathing new life into a space by infusing it with bold color combinations.

Many homeowners are stuck in a colorless rut. While whites, beiges and browns are fine for creating a neutral space, sometimes these shades are a little lifeless. To give a home character and charm, a few bursts of rainbow is a must. While certain colors might seem to clash, in fact, they can add richness and warmth to a home space.

Here are a few ideas for adding a cluster of surprising color combinations to your home nest.

Image Credit: Image Via Home-Designing

Cheery and chipper, this bright space feels ultra-welcoming. From a cobalt couch to lemon pillows, this chic space is decorated with splashes of energetic and electric colors. Bird portraits with hints of red, green and pink give the walls a bit of feathery fun, while gray tables, cabinets and chairs keep this space from being overly busy.

Image Credit: Image Via Shop Room Ideas

Bold berry shades give this living room energy and excitement. Purple, gold and blue are a winning combination in this parlour style space. Checkered and animal print pillows in sweet shades give more ambiance to this glamorous room. Perfect for entertaining, this literature lover lair is bound to win rave reviews for its decorating swagger.

Image Credit: Image Via Bedalan

A contemporary and colorful living room will surely make a statement. From floral furnishings to a paisley rug, this space is a tropical whirlwind. Pairing pinks, yellows, greens and blues gives this space tons of fanciful flavor. Teal acts as the connecting color in this bright space rife with personality.

Image Credit: Image Via Inviting Home

Forgot having a boring and traditional dining room and instead opt for a mealtime space with pizzazz. Chevron lime wallpaper gives ordinary shelves a bit of zing, while a sapphire chandelier creates a space filled with ritzy attitude. Cheetah print dining chairs and fuchsia walls give this feasting space even more crazy color and pleasing print.

Image Credit: Image Via Living and Kitchen

A banquette bench gets a fresh spin from a flurry of brick and black shades. Perfect for hosting game night, this colorful corner space offers a spot for drinking and dining. Stripes, dots and lines are just a few of the fun pillow patterns that give this room endless appeal.

Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor.

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