Friday Favorites

September 30, 2016

The brisk fall mornings I've been looking forward to eluded me all week, and we suffered a terrible and unseasonable heat wave here in SoCal. Still, there were big bins of pumpkins outside the grocery store and a few crunchy leaves to step on during our morning walk to my daughter's school, so I'm hopeful we'll see more signs of the season soon. And speaking of my daughter, this weekend I've got a date with her to see Queen of Katwe; we both love Lupita Nyong'o (my mini exclaims, "There's our girl!" whenever we see her on a magazine cover) so we're really excited. We'll also be having dinner with friends we haven't seen in about a year, and I can't wait to catch up over good food and good wine. Have yourself a fantastic weekend, and God bless!

I feel like she's been a favorite before, but that fur, the head wrap and those sunnies are just SO good, had to do a repeat!

And this equally fabulous Sikh-American woman in a turban and specs. Also, this whole series was so beautifully shot.

A sweet photo backdrop.

Grilled cheese soup dippers that I know my girls will love. 

This awesome T-shirt that will certainly spark some interesting conversation.

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