Friday Favorites

December 9, 2016

The last few weeks of 2016 are upon us, and even though the holiday season is my favorite, I'm not quite ready to welcome a new year. I wish I could freeze time and stretch the days'  most precious moments--my girls waking up to discover their elf or doing a silly dance with daddy when he gets home from work. Our new home feels especially cozy now, with our Christmas tree lit and scented candles burning, and I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend with the people I love most in this world. Have yourself a merry little weekend, and God bless!

Tips for growing lavender, which I might like to try in the new year. It should be noted that I've never successfully cared for any type of herb, plant, or flower, so this should be interesting. 

DIY gold-tipped paper feathers that look stunning as gift toppers. 

A cozy backyard patio for SoCal winter evenings. 

Homemade peanut butter cups that I think my little girls will enjoy making. 

The most adorable rosemary wreath place cards for a holiday dinner party.

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