Friday Favorites

February 17, 2017

There are few things worse than when my littles aren't feeling well. Long lines at Target, traffic, dental appointments--none of them compare to the helpless feeling of when my bitties are under the weather. And this week was a doozy, which is why there were so few posts (apologies for that, and for actually writing the word "doozy"). But I'm a real woman with a real life, and when my family needs me I have to shut everything else down. I'm happy to report that both girls are feeling better, however, I had a flu shot earlier this week, so now it's my turn to feel crummy. We've got a jam-packed weekend ahead of us, so I'm resting up today, enjoying the sound of the rain and allowing myself to just chill for a change. Have an amazing weekend, and God bless!

Palm trees against a positively electric sunset. The colors are to die for!

The perfect pink skirt.

A DIY fur bench that I'm thinking of making for my closet. 

Lemon crumble breakfast cake that I promise I will be making soon.

A simple print I'd love to put in my daughters' room. My big girl told me her squad at school call themselves 'Girl Power,' and I couldn't be more proud!


  1. You have to make that fur bench. That would just set your already amazing closet to the next level. Do it ! Do it!


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