Rose Petal Bath

February 19, 2013

With Valentine's Day behind us you're probably wondering what to do with that wilting bouquet that's sitting on your table. Here's what:

1. Take the roses out.
2. Pluck the petals off.
3. Toss rose petals into a nice, hot bath.
4. Pour yourself a glass of wine and luxuriate in your tub.

And if you're like me and you've little time for a long, luxurious soak in your tub, indulge in a quick but decadent, rose-scented manicure at home instead.

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  1. I was just getting ready to throw my wilted bouquet away! Whew, this post came at the right time AAANND I just bought a bottle of bubbly. YES!

  2. Good stuff!!!! I think I will give myself a foot bath. Those roses were soo headed to the trash 2day. Not anymore!!!!


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