5 Ways to Multitask in the Shower

February 26, 2013

More and more I'm finding that the only real "me" time I have on most days is during my blessed shower. It's often the only time I'm actually alone and usually the place where I get my best thinking done. So the other day I was thinking (while in the shower, natch) that, in our insanely busy lives, it would be cool to multitask during shower time. I compiled a list of five things you can do, other than bathing, while in the shower.

1. Learn a new language (via disc or download or podcast, etc).
You've been wanting to take up Italian, so learn Italian. There are no distractions, and you'd be surprised to learn just how much you can absorb in just 10 minutes or so.

2. Listen to news on the radio.
Because it's important to be informed. Plus, this may be your only chance to actually catch up on what's happening in the world around you.

3. Use the voice recorder on your smartphone to dictate thoughts, ideas, etc.
If you're like me, some of your best ideas come to you while you're under the shower head. Don't let them all slip down the drain.

4. Listen to an audiobook.
This is a good one! Just don't get so wrapped up in a story that you forget to conserve water.

5. Pray or meditate.
This is your alone time, and let's face it, it's probably the only time you'll alone all day. Reconnect with God, or use the time to do some healing breathing.

6. Do a breast self-exam.
Okay, I promised you five, but this is one that should be done no matter what, even if you never get around to doing the other five.

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