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June 13, 2014

We're moving back to California at the end of the month (YAY!!), and while I couldn't be more excited, trying to pack up the house whilst entertaining a four-year old and one very curious and fearless ten-month old has its challenges. I'm happy to take a break from all things move-related to celebrate Father's Day this weekend, which I'm sure will include at least two trips to the frozen yogurt shop (I will not miss this Arizona heat!). Have a safe and happy weekend, and God bless!

Ridiculously cool street art interacting with its surroundings.

This look from Blush Shop (her Instagram account is beyond).

Raspberry limoncello prosecco cooler, because, I mean.

A design project that fuses together luxury labels with every day products

This candid of Zoe Saldana (with Prabal Gurung) in a dreamy, floaty dress.

image via Pinterest

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