5 Ways to Be a More Positive Person

July 22, 2014

Having a positive attitude isn't always easy, and keeping a positive attitude when things aren't going our way is probably among one of life's hardest tasks. But, while we all have bad days (or weeks or months), life itself isn't all bad, and in fact it's pretty fantastic if you try to keep a positive outlook on things. 

Surround yourself with other positive thinkers.
If you hang with a bunch of belly-achers, you'll never feel good about anything because they never have anything good to say. Of course sometimes it's unavoidable (like if your sister is a total Debbie Downer), so when you're forced to be around negative people, counter their every negative comment with a positive one.

Listen to uplifting music. 
For me, this can be anything from gospel to 80s hits to the Frozen soundtrack (my daughter sings along and melts my heart, and consequently, any yuckiness I may be feeling). Find a song, a playlist, a genre that chases your blues away and makes you feel like a rock star, like you can conquer the world. And if a mini dance party ensues, well, all the better!

Speak (or write) it into existence.
Remember when you were a kid and you thought there were no limits to what you could do? It's because your parents, teachers, and other adults in your life told you that you could do/be anything, and you believed it. That same reinforcement is needed in our adult lives. Speak positive things into your life; write down positive affirmations that you can read daily--eventually it will become easier to actually believe what you're speaking and writing. 

Smiling releases endorphins, serotonin, and natural pain killers, all of which help make you feel good. Plus, smiling actually tricks your mind into changing your funky mood into a good one. And if that's not reason enough, smiling instantly makes you look younger and more attractive.  

Change your perspective.
A bad morning can result in an entire day of the blahs, but only if we let it. When we're having a bad day, we tend to forget about all the good in our lives and focus instead on the one little thing that went wrong. So you woke up late, or hit traffic, or got stuck behind twelve people in line at Starbucks--but hey, you've still got a job to go to when so many others don't, and you can even afford little indulgences like Starbucks every morning. Changing the way you look at life can actually change your life.

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